Professional Health Journal (PHJ) is one of the journals in the field of health science which is managed by STIKES Banyuwangi. This journal is published twice a year, every December and June. The Professional Health Journal (PHJ) first released for vol 1 no 1 2019 in December 2019. To improve the quality of journal management, this journal will strive to become a SINTA accredited journal and indexed by reputable indexing institutions (DOAJ).

Professional Health Journal (PHJ) is an open access journal with a wide range (Scope) of fields of nursing including basic research in nursing, management nursing, emergencies, and critical nursing, medical-surgical nursing, mental health nursing, maternity nursing, maternity nursing, child nursing, nursing care , community nursing, family nursing education nursing, complementary, alternative medicine (CAM) in nursing, midwifery, medicine,  and pharmacist.. This journal provides a forum for original research and scholarships relevant to nursing and other health-related professions. 

e-ISSN. 2715-6249